Polyamide 66 to change for Polyketone? (2790 просмотров)

A brand new polymer material Polyketone from Rusplast ltd (Russia) are able due to unique complex its properties to replace a vast majority of Engineering Plastics.


Copolymers of aliphatic polyketones represent a relatively new class of polymers with many attractive and unique properties. The simplest polyketones are ideally alternating copolymers of alkenes and carbon monoxide. The most common ketones are terpolymers of ethylene and propylene, polymerized with carbon monoxide.

Polyketones have many desirable mechanical and thermophysical properties that no other polymer in this combination has. For example, polyketones have high tensile strength and toughness, extremely high abrasion resistance with minimal wear and tear, and very good tribological properties. Other interesting properties include excellent hydrolysis resistance, very low water absorption, high fuel and oxygen barrier properties, and outstanding chemical resistance. In fact, only very polar (exotic) solvents such as hexafluoroisopropanol dissolve polyketones.

This makes it an attractive alternative to many other high performance engineering plastics but now we will compare it with PA66 which has became recently short in supply and its price was increased rapidly.

Below is a brief comparison between PA 66 and Polyketone

Properties Balance

 ▪ Generally Nylon has high tensile property but impact strength and elongation are low. POKETONE has a good impact strength and elongation with enough tensile property.

Rusplast ltd already more than 5 years ago started to develop the market for this product together with Hyosung (South Korea) producer of Poketone (polyketone brand). Considering our experience Poketone grades M330F and M930F are able to be used as alternative for PA 66 for cable ties. Outstanding flowability, good mechanical strength, better toughness became the reasons for our customers to choose Poketone for cable ties production. Besides that very often Polyketone price can be lower than PA 66 and it can be pleasant bonus for you. Call us or send request on e-mail to find out actual Poketon price.